Thursday, October 4, 2012

CC2C #23: Marker-ed Away!!

Eee Gadz! I almost missed submitting my Compendium of Curiosities Vol. 2 creation this week! Really sad because I actually did it Saturday..and just plain forgot to post it. So, Linda's challenge was for page #50 of Tim's book, using his fabulous Distress Markers.  My wonderful hubby gave me a set for Valentine's Day, and is alway asking "you did that with the markers?" (He also gave me a fabulous necklace for my big ## birthday, which he's "don't you like hardly wear it"-to which I reply, "I do on the days I actually dress for work". I really do love it, but maybe he'll get the hint...craft stuff really does get used more!{and costs less..I saw the bill!}) Oh, back to the challenge:

I did two styles-the direct coloring and applying diectly to the stamp. (BTW, I really love the waterbrush method and let me say, I know Tim's waterbrushes are more than a tad pricier than all others..but they are soooo worth it!  Just sayin')
The one above I first stamped the image with Archival black, then finished with some DI Stickles on the berries, candle and flame.  OK, but a little harsh.

On the left is the one I'll probably use as one of my designs for the year.  But, I'll spritz less so it won't run quite so much.  I hit it with a perfect pearls mixture-then hit it again. Live and learn! OK while a new challenge will be posted tomorrow, you really do need to give these neat markers a go.  And check out Linda's and Tim's blogs for some fabulous ideas!

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  1. Yeay! You made it then!! I was beginning to think you were going to skip it but as I know you have the full set you really had no excuse not to join in!!
    Great cards Honey. Nice to see you are in the C mood too!


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