Thursday, October 4, 2012

WOYWW #174

Oh good grief!! So, not only did I almost miss posting my Compendium challenge here, I only remembered when I went up to take a picture of my workspace on Wed. night.  Then, saw what I had worked on over the weekend, and thought "hmmm, people will see this who can help me out" so I snapped this shot of a card that shows great promise, but I'm just not finishing well.  And I fiddled some more, then realized that dinner was still on the stove...and you guessed it; never took the shot of the workspace...
So I hope I'm not breaking any of Julia's WOYWW Rules!! But I really do need advice on where to go with this card. 
The stamp is by Magenta, and I colored it with Distress Markers and a waterbrush.  I used Tim Holz's music texture fade, which was colored with his new Distress Metallic Brass stain.  At first I sorta liked the monochromatic feel, but the photo is more than "blah".  but a red ribbon/fiber might me too much.  Any thoughts? Ditch the embossed piece and go with a dark red layer? Color the bird red-(nah, not a cardinal)  I haven't gotten the hang of using sketches, or all the layering techniques other than rectangular direct ratio type...I see them in magazines and blogs, but just can't seem to recreate them. So... here I am, with a great stamp and no clue what to do. 

So feel free to chip in your 2 cents worth, then stop by Julia's to portal into so truely inspiring workdesks! Have a great week...I look forward to your suggestions.


  1. Cor Girl! You are all of a topsy turvy this week, as opposed to me who was quite literally topsy turvy the bruises to prove it!
    As for your dilema, why not watercolour the birdy with a light shade of brown to breath some life into him and maybe watercolour some antique linen onto his breast. That would maybe warm him up a little?? It is only paper so you can always do another one if you don't like it?? You asked!

  2. I agree with Sam for the birdie, some soft browns would work well. How about a die-cut Poinsettia in the bottom right corner? A (very) narrow red ribbon or cord just knotted around the spine? Possibly a die cut Pine cone or two on the branch? Or some shrink plastic tree baubles from the branch? And I love the embossed background- before I started reading I saw that and thought WOW! Filing that one in memory( where it will probably be lost forever) for later use. Instead of a poinsettia, how about a rosette? Have a great week, Shaz #58

  3. just love this too bits,love the bird,and the soft browns too,love the embossed background too hun,hugs Cherylxxx

  4. Your card is gorgeous just as it is but Samantha's suggestions sound good, too. He he glad I wasn't the last to post on WOYWW! :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner #147)

  5. Your card is looking great maybe put some real lace of the vintage type along the bottom and a Poinsettia flower on the bottom to finish it off or maybe some holly it really is a beautiful stamp.

    Belated WOYWW greetings.

    Eliza #53


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