Thursday, September 27, 2012

WOYWW #173

Almost missed our Wednesday journey of workdesks across the world! I was so busy getting a card out I almost forgot to snap a shot of the desk. And proof that you can't change a leopards spots...after almost 7 weeks of near freaky neatness, I'm back to chaotic nirvana, which is still showing a touch of neatness-you  can see the whole craft sheet! (I'm also throwing out the paper towels and small edges/scrap right away! LOL!)
Sizzix Flip-it card, with riviting patchwork technique

I have found the solution to the clogged up glossy accents bottle...Tapestry Needles (top right on craft sheet). They are a bit thicker, and open it right up!  And the only inks and stain still out are from the card...which I got to play with the flip-it die again...I'm deciding I like it! Now I need better envelopes and thicker cardstock for the base. Oh, and the reddish box on the left...a mini sewing box found at Harbor Freight for dirt cheap that holds all my Tim Goodies (well the larger ones, the jump rings and brads etc, are staying in their packaging!)

So, I will start peeking in at others desks, starting with Julia's Stamping Ground, our hostess in this weekly event! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Great card 7 love the patchwork metal effect. happy crafting jill #28

  2. Welcome back Kim! I have missed you!
    Great looking card too!

  3. Love that blues steampunky card!! Very elegant :)
    Hugs. LLJ #59 xx


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