Thursday, September 13, 2012

WOYWW #171: Almost back to Normal.../sigh

Happy WOYWW—on Thurs!  OK, I feel better…do you?  37 days of tidiness, and then not quite back to the old habits, but not sterile either!  So, 9:30 last night, just after photographing my entry for Linda’s Studio L3 Compendium Challenge (should be next posting….), I remembered it was Wednesday, so snapped this as well.  Besides for the challenge, the card is also for my husband’s current Post Master, who he hopes will become the permanent PM for the office.  (is making a congratulations card before the event being efficient, or jinxing?)  There is the mega-mount with the snowflake background…SO LOVE THIS MOUNT!!!! (I’ll be posting that card today too…stay tuned) OH!! And on the left: my 2 new flip-its dies from Sizzix…gonna get some play time tonight…they look soooo cooool!!!! And, in the background, a candle from Penny Black I’m fiddling with for a Christmas design…so busy, busy busy!!
KK, gotta go….many posts to make, and work time is clicking down…no go jump over to Julia’s Stamping Ground, as she is the mighty portal master of this mid-week fun! Have a great week everyone!


  1. Oh you have a wonderful desk, sorry I am running late this week. I love that mega die, it looks mega and I also have 2 other stamps that is on your desk, but most of all I have those flip it dies too just got them 2 weeks ago. I have cut out one and had a little fiddle but nothing more. I will be interested in seeing what you come up with for yours. Thanks for sharing you desk and letting me visit, the cuppa was nice. Until next time

    Happy WOYWW sorry Sunday.
    Eliza #88

  2. Lookin good :) Love having a peek into the spaces of fellow crafter's! If you happen to peek in on my blog, be sure to wear a hard hat! LOL!


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