Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WOYWW #159

Welcome back to Wednesday...and the work desk tour of the world!! Thanks to Julia at The Stamping Ground for creating this wonderful weekday diversion!  This is mine last night, with just the card removed, as my nephew's birthday was erhm...Monday.  There is also my tag for the Compendium Challenge Vol. 2 over at Studio L3, which will be posted next.  As you can see; the unmounted are still not in I still haven't found photo sleeves I like.  And yes, I still have other stamps stacked in the top corner to be put away...before they fall. latest source of distress stamp bin: As you can see; it is now full.  There is no room left to move pads around to get to the bottom of my color stacks.  And I have the 3 summer colors arriving; even without the stains it's a problem.  So..what are the rest of you doing to easily access stamp pads, without taking up much, if any (LOL!) room?  You've seen my desk...its one thing to stack just the few inks I'm using there,but not enough room to do much more,  and then get annoyed every time I have to practically empty everything out, as my time has become so short...Arghhh! Yes, still venting over last nights session! LOL!  And, for those that know of the secret desk to the right..yeah, it's pretty much filled to the brim as well..what is a girl to do???
Ah well, I gotta get moving..that whole time thing.  So thanks for stopping by, and I will take all suggestions to heart! Go stop at Julia's to start the Wednesday Journey, and have a great rest of the week.  For those in the North East...try to stay is wicked out there now!!


  1. Well, I don't know, that's a pretty nice problem to have with your inks, Kim--look at all those great colors!

    I didn't have much I could show this week, so did
    the woyww daughter edition . . .


  2. Ahhhh storage of the stuff. Always a problem for me. I don't have that many inks (yet) so I have them stacked on a shelf behind me. I also have only a few of the stains in bottles. Sandy #145

  3. You're obviously going to need more storage because you're bound to get more stamp pads. I keep my distress inks in long Really Useful Boxes - four go in a line perfectly and they stack three deep, so 12 to a container - and then the containers stack. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #87 x

  4. Storage is always a stamp pads are just tossed in a box now (not even neatly stacked). Someday maybe I'll figure out something better :) Goodluck figuring out what you are going to do!

    Katie (146)

  5. Hi - oh that could be writing ! My really useful box is now full & I said "I won't buy anymore -those seasonal trios are just a marketing ploy to get me to spend money" - well I said that before I got the Autumn ones - and then the Winter ones - oh and then before the Spring ones - and yes I also have the Summer ones arriving soon !!! So I'm with you on this ! I label all mine with dymo tape so at least I can see where the colours are from through the plastic of the box - stops the rummage factor ... trouble is I think I need to get a second box now !! Have a fun inky week ! Ali #39

  6. I think most of us have this problem Kim! Just as we sort it we need to change it again! I love my old Cadbury fingers tins as they fit in on the edge, just I need another one now as the two I have are nearly stuffed to their max.
    I haven't shown my desk as I was too tired after returning from (sunny) London rather late last night! Great time and when you come over we will have to go to tea at the Ritz!!

  7. Hi Kim. I think you need a back to your desk to stop things falling off. If you have a handy carpenter in the house then you could add a shelf or two to that that could be just the right width and height to store stamp pads and stains all within easy reach too.

    Hugs from Helen 107

  8. Love your ink container.

  9. Do you know, I think I must spend more time rearranging my Distress Inks and trying to find the best storage space for them than I do actually using them!!!! I feel your pain :-) If you ever fancy an ATC or tag swap, please drop me a line as I'm always keen to exchange art with other eager crafters x
    Sophie no.92

  10. happy WOYWW! indeed what's a girl gonna do! perhaps if your desk is against a wall you can stack them up there and label the sides?
    blessings and hugs from #15
    peggy aplSEEDS

  11. Label the edges and turn them on their sides? at least you could see them all if they would fit in the bin that way? dont ask me..mine are threedeep in trays, its not i deal!!

  12. What a lovely problem to have. No ideas from me...I semm to spend 50% of my time reorganizing my space!


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