Thursday, June 7, 2012

CC2C #8: Repurposed Packaging

Talk about under the wire!! Whewww!  The Compendium Challenge this week over at Linda's Studio L3 was: Technique 8: Repurposed Packaging; Tim Holtz: A Compendium of Curiosities, Vol. 2, page 62.  And I love using this stuff! I have 2 bags hanging in my closet of packaging just for this!

Now, time has once again ran out on me; so this is by no means finished...because...I swear...would have bet money on it....that somewhere I have a saying regarding horses/carousels, etc. Somewhere....just not in my unmounted sayings binder...or the unmounted sayings bin, or the mounted sayings drawer....but I know I have held one in my hand, ergo, it is in my stamp room somewhere...I would never have not bought it...would I??? So, this will be finished once I solve the saying issue, and tidy up the top with fibers of some sort...

Here is a close up of the gear.  I had tried using the textured technique as well, but on the Cargo Numbers, No.8 to be exact, but Tim's riveted grid pattern was too large for the smaller numbers, so didn't make sense, plus, those seem better suited to negative use, not possitive,  so it looked weird.  I used pitch black, stonewashed and silver additive alcohol inks, but I think I should have gone back and added a tad more, as the gear could be darker. 
And here is the stamp; I just bought it at the Heirloom Springfield MA show, from Lost Coast Designs: Steampunk Pony (knowing it would go great with that saying..../sigh)

OK, I gotta get go visit Linda and see what's going on, and join in; a new challenge awaits every Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Hey Buddy. How did I miss this piece? Great piece there. Loving your new stamps. That Horse is great> I am sure you will find that stamp soon Honey.


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