Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wanderlust 2017--Week 3

This week looked very intimidating.  Wilna Furstenburg started with drawing in ink, then showed 3 ways to finish it off.  Thank heavens she made copies for us to play with!  I started with the plain inked version, and since I didn’t have acrylic inks or oil pastels, I used my liquitex basic paints and Distress crayons.  The Distress Crayons blended really well, but I had used gesso on the pages first, so that helps.  It came out much darker than I was planning, but overall, not bad.

Then I used her colored version, and got so caught up in the blending of the background I forgot to use texture paste first.  She really uses these images as frames for her journaling; and since my handwriting is the KoD to any page, I stamped on Tim Holtz’s tissue paper with Archival ink, darkened it a bit with a PITT pen, then when glued down, it becomes invisible.  Again, I was trying for some white space; nada.

And with being pleased with the first two attempts, and already finishing one beer before lunch, I took my only jar of ink: Opalescent green, and dove in with a free hand page.  1) the ink is amazingly pale—not necessarily a bad think for my first attempt.  After starting the first flower, which is one of the leaves now, I decided Lupine’s were pretty doable.  So that is where I boldly went.  And I will say…I’m rather shocked that that’s what they looked like!  I still can’t get the liquitex paint to drip.  Maybe after a few more weeks of using paints, I’ll explore acquiring some new ones.  I know the Dina Wakely Heavy Body paints have been calling my name for a few years now! LOL!

So there are my week 3 lessons.  Now I need to try a few on my own.  For info on the year long Wanderlust 2017 online course, visit Everything Art.com, there is plenty of time to join in! 


  1. ooh, well done you took the plunge! I have to say I loved this lesson and was inspired to believe I could - actually do it= I'll try soon, honest!!

  2. hun you can buy 'flow improver' you mix it with water and then with your acrylic paints and you can make ink consistency paint... so sad that Wilna did't tell you this on her video... love your loupins - DO MORE please Dx #39 ( WOYWWER)

  3. Love it! I used glazing medium mixed in with mine. Sez x WOYWW#24

  4. All wonderful pages!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the last one!!!


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