Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wanderlust 2017: Inspiration from January

The fourth week each month in the Wanderlust adventure has a few activities and a challenge (with swag!)  One is a virtual gallery where we can explore and discuss 2 masterpieces.  Another will be a yearlong bi-weekly collage piece. A third will be a monthly art journal page where we have either a sentence or thought to focus or start from..with the idea that we will be able to see our growth. And then the actual challenge, where for January is was to be inspired from the outside. 

The parameters where to pick 3 colors, and then any amount of white, black and gray.  Soooo…Upstate New York…in January: the only true colors ARE black, white and gray! LOL! Since it was currently snowing, I envisioned a sparkly, snow flaky page, which would help with my desire to create more white space. (I so love the look….why on earth can’t I manage it??) 

So I’m staring at a blank page; all my white and glittery stash is in front of me.  Dakota (my husky) goes nuts.  And by the time I get her outside, I can see deer tracks through the front yard moving into the pine trees. Not unusual.  The bear or bobcat would spark a bit more interest.  Back upstairs I see my new Dylusions stencil/mask set with the deer. (Country?)  I’m still thinking the white page, but start with the gray Dylusions paint and the baby wipe technique.  And then, suddenly there is blue, and I’ve opened the deer stencil.  And then I remember the James Taylor song, which is from a poem by Catherine Rossetti.  And the Stencil Girl herb stencil becomes my pine branches.  I have to say; the way it came together was rather shocking.  The worst is my handwriting; even with a journaling template (from Lost Coast Designs?) and starting with a pencil, I don’t like it.  And it is that which stops me from true journaling. Or in my mind true journaling.  I need to find a way to get Tim’s Tissue Paper to go through a printer!

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to get more snow tonight, so the white page isn’t out of the running. 

Thanks for stopping by.  For info on the yearlong Wanderlust 2017 online course, visit EverythingArt.com, The Adventure is just starting!

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  1. what a great page! still not put pen to paper or ink to page for Wanderlust yet!


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