Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wanderlust 2017 Week 2: Feeling...not thinking

Good thing my statement for the year is be brave, free and to break out!  This lesson got me to do all that!  Mary Ann Wangerin led us through feeling the painting as opposed to thinking the creative process through. 

I used Liquitex Basic acrylics, as that’s what I had.  I can see how the fluid acrylics would be a tad more manageable, as well as achieving the lovely drippage.  I ended up using my Gelato’s to get some drippage going. I was surprised how badly the stencils glopped up, as I was just using my finger and very little paint. I think the give in the canvas is to blame.  And since my handwriting is the worst ever, and stamping on the canvas itself was an epic fail, I ended up stamping on Tim Holtz’ tissue, which very nicely blended into the wet paint.  And, again, do to my limited hand coordination in all things…I left off the fine black doodling that finishes off most of the other students work so nicely.  (but yes, I did try, and repainted..and tried…and repainted.)

And just like in card making and ATC’s...eventually the art will tell you when it’s done.  Amazing! And I actually like it.  Even without the mandala doodling finish.  But who knows: the year is young!

For info on the year long online course, visit Everything Art.com, there is plenty of time to join in!

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