Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Scary Watercolor Lesson!

I had to do it before the Online Watercolor Class "Watercolor for Cardmakers: Intermediate Techniques" officially ended, in case I had final questions for the instructors.

Swarup Murthy did an advanced wet on wet lesson; watching her painting emerge from the paper was just amazing.  So, here is my final piece of the night...

Again, compared to the first day of lessons, a whole heap of improvement; so don't worry; my brushes will not be neglected even though tomorrow is the last day the class is "live".  That's what I love with these classes; I can keep watching them for ever!

Oh, and for is the first sample I tried. It looked ok; I went to bring the dog in, and BAM!  color runnage everywhere!  The one above is 4 attempts even in a night there can be improvement.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my watercolor endeavors.  Your comments and encouragements have been most appreciated! Have a great weekend everyone..

oh...And GO PANTHERS!!


  1. Hi Kim,

    Love the watercolor! I can definitely see the improvement from your first attempt. It's great that you'll be able to watch the classes forever!

    Uh, I'm a Bronco fan.... it'll be a good game for sure!


  2. This is bootiful Kim. Great pic. I am liking what you are doing.


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