Thursday, February 4, 2016

More water coloring...Valentines card

I Got more practice in last night (really should be practicing the flute..but hey; still using the creative side of the brain...

The one technique from the Online Card Classes "Watercolor for Cardmakers; Intermediate Techniques" I really want to get a handle on is the Negative Painting one, I still need to leave more of the subject empty, so I can get more of the "lost and found" edges; but I'm getting better with the amount of water and also avoiding the muddy browns.

I thought I had a better stamp for the card; but couldn't find it; so this one would have to do.  I was torn between having the ink show to give interest, and just doing the outline, but went this way.

So not so negative; but still a long way from where I was last Monday.  The next post will be my attempt at the "advanced" lesson from day 6,

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