Friday, March 20, 2015

OCC: Stretching Your Dies Class

Well, I‘ve done it again; I keep thinking I have somehow solved the time conflict/hours in a day equation.  And have once again found a gross error on the white board; there are only 24 hours a day…work and commute takes up 11 of them; it is a finite number. Blah!

But before I came to this revelation, I signed up for the Online Card Class “Stretch Your Dies” that I was bound and determined to do “Live”.  Today is day 5…yesterday after taking the day off for a dental procedure I actually got to do days 1 & 2…I am so happy that you have life-time access to these classes!  This actually makes the 7th I've taken with them, of which only the two Creative Chemistry ones by Tim Holtz did I even come close to keeping up.

This class appealed to me as while I found I am using my die cutting machines more than I ever thought I would, it would be nice to find more creative ways to maximize their potential…and , ahem, better justify the expense!  I mostly have the Tim Holtz Sizzix Alteration’s line of dies, with a few spellbinder and Our Daily Bread ones thrown in.  So of course the first classes techniques where a push for me to find ones that fit.  I picked one technique (they usually have 3 a day) to work on, so for Day One; Word Dies, I went with the only set I had; from Tim’s Holiday set, and then chose the most frustrating technique, a take on the Inlay Design! Lot’s of little bit! Took 3 tries, but I do like how this came out.  It will not, however, be one of my mass-produced designs! LOL!

For Day 2; Flower Dies,  I went with the Die Cuts within larger die technique.  This was fun, and gave a surprising 3D effect, maybe because I had larger dies to the edges it looks global.  

I will finish all 7 days; just probably not by Sunday! So stay tuned for more creative die ideas!


  1. Wowzer! I love these Kim. I especially love the second one. Beautiful.

  2. so fresh. love the 2nd card


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