Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WOYWW #297

Welcome to WOYWW…the “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”  blog hop created by Julia at the StampingGround, so hop over there to join the fun.

So, here is my desk; I spent the weekend furiously creating kits for my first stamp class, and then, when cleaning up, I decided it was now or never…open up that scary journal and get crackin’!

So, you see the closed journal; some various inks not put away, that cool seed-feather stamp I haven’t played with yet, tools and washi tape also still not put away…Oh.. the inked square hanging by the marker in the carousel was a mask for a cool card I want to re-work…

And, since I haven’t posted my journal post yet, I’ll give you a sneak peek…I feel it still needs some depth, and I have to learn how to get a good stamp impression, as both the bird and saying didn’t come out so well; but the main goal was to get started, so there it is…

So now off with you to Julia’s: go see some normal work spaces! LOL!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hello Kim! I'm visiting from Julia's WOYWW - and I'm working my way backwards today, from the last link posted so far (that's you!).
    Love the journal page - how creative and lovely. All the colour and shapes. The little bird is very cute.
    To get a good stamped impression, I was taught: Tap the ink pad onto the stamp, as evenly as you can, all over. Don't "smoosh" it onto the stamp as you get too much ink and it bleeds out onto your project.
    Then stand up and position the item to be stamped directly in front of you. Hold the stamp carefully by its right & left hand edges, position above the place to be stamped, then press it down firmly onto the page/item.
    Don't "rock" the stamp about as this causes smudging. If it's a large stamp, you may need to push a little with your hand across the back of the stamp, to press it all down evenly, but rolling it about will spoil the image.
    Lift straight up, so you avoid smudging the stamped image.
    Wait for it to dry.

    Maybe that would help...


  2. Great journal page, I've been working through my reading line so got to that first! Happy WOYWW plus a day! Helen #1

  3. Like your journal page a lot actually!, and who says every component has to be perfect? The clouds are my favourite part of the page, especially where they melt into that yellow stamped section. Love it!!
    Hugs, LLJ 23 xx

  4. Hi Kim- sometimes 'soft' stamping merges into the overall better! Don't stress it. And its all about the playing with colour and image- not everything works like we see it in our heads! I have that problem all the time, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #13 xx

  5. Who says everything has to be perfect? Mainly a journal is wonderful for trying things out and learn. Take your time and have fun.
    Gabriele 17

  6. Congrats on starting your Dylusions Journal. I am a few pages in, and now hate the first pages i did!
    How did you do those clouds? I like those muchly xx


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