Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Scary First Art Journal Page

I will admit I am fascinated with art journals; I can lose myself on Pinterest and YouTube on other peoples journals, so last year (or so…maybe 2?) I bought Dyan Reavely’s Dylusion’s Journal…when she only had the large
one…I do love the feel of the paper in there! 

And then I discovered Gelli Plate printing, so it was easy to hide the journal under all the prints I made…and then it was holiday card time..yada yada…   It’s very easy for me to justify excuses (purchases, eating things… I’m a justifier! LOL!)  when the truth is; that blank journal is scary!

It’s…clean….big…..I don’t want to screw it up….and do you need a “theme”, pour out your inner secrets, have to hand write (cause my handwriting is terrible!) what are the rules, specifically? 

And as it seems there are none (rules) and you don’t have too (the secrets) and you just can’t (screw it up) I finally pulled on my big girl panties (well, ok, bigger girl panties) and started my first page…

And found that stamping a clean image will take practice, and had a war with myself not to tear out the page as the bird is blurry…but will suck up the imperfection and move on into my creative expansion that an art journal will show…

Funny how the next page is also still big and clean and scary….but I started!


  1. Someone told me, when I was taking the plunge (in a smaller journal lol!) to start on page 2 or 3 so the "first" page is maybe not so daunting... bit late for you now, though. I think it looks great! Enjoy.

  2. Yeah! My big brave girlie. Well done on taking the plunge into your journal. One thing about starting something is that it is fun to look back later. You have done a great job on this. Don't fret.
    Don't forget to breath either.


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