Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WOYWW #264

Welcome to another "Whats on Your Work Desk Wednesday" hosted by lovely Julia at the Stampers Ground.  Where work desks all over the world get opened up for your peeking pleasure! You can see all the deets here.

First, I'm at home today; working on dial-upl can already see issues with the link thingy...can't go back to highlight; can only delete back from the curser: (I love my hill...I love my hill...../deep breath)
So, to keep short; and as i'm not sure I'll get the picture in: What you see is a much happier desk than last week; that was too scary clean!  This has all the items I have out to work on the Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge...which I can't link to right now, but search Studio L3 and you got it! So my markers are we were watercoloring; the stencil I used for the layering piece (ummmmm; yes, I couldn't bare to part with  Gelli plate prints that fit perfectly; so I've tried to recreate one using inks and the stencil..soooo sad!) Hopefully later I can get upstairs  to decide what to do with it.  The stamp is one of my first..witht he date 1996 on it, from Stampington.  It was one of my first stamps purchased and it comes out every 3rd year or so.  Yup, still can't go back to fix typos...
OK, that's all I can stand right now; 38 minutes and  can't load the photo...I'll try tomorrow back at work.
Have a great week everyone...(I love my hill; I love my hill...)


  1. Like the look of your desk, you have things on there that I love. The stencil is very similar to one I have been using recently and I can see what you are up to and hope to see it finished some time.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #43

  2. Sorry to hear you have connectivity problems...I would feel like I was missing a limb! I got your ATC this week and am showing it off on my desk!

  3. Ooh, patience with connections is my weak point!
    That stamped image looks lovely
    Had a bit of spare time and thought I'd check out a few more desks :)

  4. Ooh love all your crafting goodies - quite jealous :) x


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