Friday, March 16, 2012

Where in the world is your Vagabond?

Quick...and I mean really quick (I'm home on dial-up, so you'll beat me!) Go to Sizzix's Blog to get goodies for your Vagabond!! The Deets are Here!

My Vagabond; in the little dormer nook in my "you can no longer call it a guest room" craft room in Upstate NY!! And yes, it was used yesterday...I just had to sweep off all the paper bits..the dies are in the big chest, and the texture folders are in the little one...they go great with the Vagabond..don't they? I had gotten them at Michael's. It's the only clean/organized area in the room...mostly because there is just not that much room, and those dies hurt when they fall off the stack onto your feet!

OK, my photo has loaded...gonna see if I can upload to Sizzix now....go check it out yourself!

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  1. Is that in the room where I am going to stay when I come over? LOL!
    My Vagabond is still in the shop I am afraid!


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