Monday, March 26, 2012

Creative Chemistry: Day 2

I finally got time this weekend to catch up with my first ever online class, Tim Holt'z Creative Chemistry. I'm able to watch the video's during my lunch hour, and thank heavens his hand-outs are so concise, as I had no problem doing the class work a few days later. These were three techniques I was already very familiar they were a good way for me to settle in and get started!
The stamp is from Magenta, and as I had left the first tag blank, I went back to show the different effects. This sorta carried over to the third tag, where I decided to continue sorta with the same ink colors, just to have an equal comparison.
Now, if only I knew how to load multiple pictures on the blog I'd be all set! So stay tuned! As I get more time, I'll try to catch up the other days.

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  1. Beautiful! I think I have a similar stamp....just have to find it :). Great job with the class lessons.


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