Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grungy Monday #39..Get Your Plaid On!

Heaven's it feels like a while since I've been able to get a GM Project done!! And the last one!! I would have hated to miss it! So, this week, Linda at Studio L3 has chosen a technique that has intrigued me since Tim first showed us in 2009! His cool Plaid technique from his 12 days of Christmas, Day 3, 2009! So, with alcohol inks all lined up: Bravely I go forth!! (I do have Celt blood in could I fail! LOL) I sorta wanted to go with colors of my husbands clan colors....and this really couldn't be farther from those! And, I want an honest show of hands....who else can't drag a sponge across a piece of paper in a straight line??? So, here is the first attempt...ugh!
My second attempt got rid of the Stream AI, and I added blending solution to see if it would flow came out much lighter, so I went with that. (Yeah, still not Clan Young-ahh well)
I then stamped the thistle stamp from Fred Mullett, some little celtic knots around the tag, and tied in a charm that sorta could be a Crest. I have to say, I am impressed with the color integrity of the Adirondack Currant ink. I used it in the Alchol version for the plaid, colored the tag with the Wrinkle-Free Distress Technique, even though it wasn't distress ink, it worked great!, and then stamped on the seam binding, which I than smooshed back into the left over ink on the craft sheet...all look spot!
So, there is still time to give this one a try! (definately check out Tim's first to see what is should really look like!) OH, and there are Prizes!! HTTP:\www.SimonSayStamp.Com will give someone a $25 shopping spree!! Have a great Crafty Weekend everyone!


  1. Straight line?!? What's a 'straight line?' LOL,

    LOVE your plaid ... such a beautiful color palette!

  2. OOh no, stragiht doesn't exist in my world! Tag came out really well, you must be pleased! I'd have had angst over choosing colours..mainly because I've only got 3! Am late from WOYWW visits, so have taken the chance to catch up on all blog posts , it's been great!

  3. Lovely new clan tartan there Kim. And as for straight, tartan kilts aren't straight when they are swinging in the breeze anyway!


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