Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Shabby Chic Experiment!

Well, I have made it to week #4 of Studio L3's Compendium of Curiosities Challenge! And I'll admit, I wasn't sure how this one would turn "chic" is not really an active word in my lifestyle...Shabby, yes; but Chic, definately not!

The only grungeboard I have is the Harlequin I thought I'd be jinxed before I even started. I tried practicing on one of the larger pieces, figuring if that worked, I'd use the large heart for the I used the large skull. It was, how shall I say..."eh".

Then one of the posts said to really be patient for the last boldly going forth...I jumped right in! (Now, it was hot; and my stamp room is the bonus room over the garage, only 2 skylights, and no heating or, on the hottest day of the year so far, temps in mid 90's, my room easily that as well, with moderately high you think anything would dry beyond tacky??? And the paper holds so much moisture that EP's stick everywhere...) and yet...Yipiee!!! I think it came out wonderfully!

The pink edging is really Barn Door and Fired Brick; to match the tag, but got "pinked-out" with the snow cap dabber. The rose flourish is from Inkadinkadoo's Floral Flourishes set, and the saying is from Tim's Urban Grunge set. The harlequin pattern does show through where I had to rub a tad harder, but I don't think it hurt it at all. Phew!


  1. Your work is lovely! I wandered around your blog for awhile and I loved What I saw! Thanks you for joining my blog, mauybe we can become good frends through our art!

  2. I think your shabby chic project turned out wonderful!

  3. Kim, I think you've mastered both "shabby" and VERY "chic" with this gorgeous piece! I really love how it looks on the Harlequin-patterned Grungeboard, so much that I'm going to play with this variation myself!

    I'm so glad you joined in-- I got to see this beauty, and learned a new twist. Thanks!


  4. Super cool, Kim! I love it !!!! And you know I'm a harlequin freak, so of course i love that little extra detail as well!

  5. Love what you have created. Annette x

  6. I love your heart and it turned out wonderful! Hot and humid where you are and hot and dry here! Stuff can dry here before it ever hits the paper!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Ouuu! This is so beautiful! You've clearly got all the chic goin' on!


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