Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WOYWW #407

Welcome to the “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday” blog hop hosted by the lovely Julia at The Stamping Ground, where we open our craft rooms up to have you peak at our desks. 

Ok, not the shot I thought would be my last foray into the craft room, as this was from Sunday; but it is what it is. The light is from the window, and with the time change...and sunshine, and lack of a blizzard from earlier in the week (26 inches of snow on March 14!! Record!) I didn’t realize it was already 5:45, and I hadn’t started dinner.  Heaven forbid! At least those pieces better be dry when I get in there this weekend! LOL!  I’m just hoping I have all the lids tightened and snapped close.  I’m sure that brush is a gonner.

So this is all pieces/parts from the Wanderlust class.  This week involved soldering, wires, fabric; all of which I have none of.  So I was hoping to drop back and punt, as it were, by making grungeboard look like soldered metal.  And I’ll use tissue to wrinkle up like fabric.  And today is Wednesday, I have a board meeting/dinner tonight, and Friday has a whole new lesson.  Chance of getting this done? 0! LOL! 

The grungeboard sheets are splayed out, the Tim Holtz book, Compendium of Curiosities Vol. 3 is reacquainting me with the Eroded Metal technique.  I was watching the Wanderlust lessons on the iPad. (and as it is my work iPad, good thing I remembered it was here, as it has all my meeting materials for today and tomorrow! That would have been bad...) All the ink and paint bottles are on the cover of my art journal in an attempt to flatten the page I had been working on earlier.  The striped pages are painted backgrounds that get cut up for the painting technique the week before. 

And at the very tippy top left, the rainbow stripes, are  some water brush pens.  I was intrigued with Dyan Reaveley’s tip to fill Tim Holtz’s water brushes with her spray inks to paint with.  But his brushes are expensive.  These are from Michael’s, cost $8, but…eh.  Tried on a few different types of papers, and so far, not impressed.  And honestly, it’s not because of the limited colors!  So, time to start prowling the Michael’s with those sale coupons to acquire of Tim’s water brushes.  Unless any of you Deskers would love to share their fave brand? 

And here is what is getting flattened (I hope)…another try at the Intuitive Painting.  Still think it’s a mess, but it is pretty darn fun!

So that’s me; now go back to the Stamping Ground to portal off to other creative desks.  Stay Crafty my friends.


  1. Wow, what a great bunch of little bits & pieces on your workdesk today! I really like the bright banner pieces in your Intuitive Painting piece!

    WOYWW#39 Melissa

  2. I saw from your FB posts about the goodness me, you really were snowed in. The photo about your dog not wanting to go out made me laugh a lot! I'm glad you're having fun with the can tell you're enjoying yourself!
    Hugs, LLJ 3 xxx

  3. Busy desk. Love the finished item. Sorry about the snow - we had more but not that much. Spring can happen any time it wants.

    Sharon K #34

  4. You do have lots of projects on the go. I use the Sakura water pens or the Creative Expressions water brushes which come in a pack of 2 with a mister. Sarah #26

  5. FABBY desk and journal page, thanks for the earlier visit, happy WOYWW



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