Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WOYWW #406

Welcome to the “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday” blog hop hosted by the lovely Julia at The Stamping Ground, where we open our craft rooms up to have you peak at our desks. 

The last 6 weeks have gone by in a blur, and while I’ve been really busy crafting, I’ve been too busy to get my photos on the computer to post…but because of a snow day yesterday, I was able to do both! 

While I’ve been catching up on my card making, my main focus has been on the Wanderlust 2017 art course.  This past week’s lesson was on “Intuitive Painting”.  Hmmmm, anything that requires that much practice can’t possibly be called intuitive….just sayin’.  And while I didn’t like my piece at first, it sorta grew on me yesterday, after I added some text from the poem on the Moody Blues “Day’s of Future Past” album.  Probably the only poem I know by memory.  So then I decided, and again, for practice, to try another piece.  Epic fail.  But what you see are the pages you create for the cut-out parts.  And those are kinda fun.  Distress Paints and Liquitex Inks lend themselves brilliantly to showing motion.  So they are sprawled on my journaling desk, awaiting my next foray into the craft studio.  The brushes are clean...the mug and water holder--or what ever you call your dirty brush water thingy--did get carried out as I was leaving...and the M & M's...empty...  

Oh, and here is the first piece.  And while it still looks like one hot mess, it has grown on me!

So that’s me; now go back to the Stamping Ground to portal off to other creative desks.  Stay Crafty my friends.


  1. Happy WOYWW. I love that piece - and all the practice pieces too. I was tempted to do Wanderlust, but had already signed up to Lifebook for the first time and knew that both would be too much for me. I am not even keeping up with Lifebook! Ali x #27

  2. Hi Kim, lots of people seem to be doing the Wanderlust challenge. I'm totally useless at working to deadlines, so I'd never get anything finished. Love your pieces. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz#8, XxXx

  3. Oh my, Kim. this all sounds like an incredible amount of hard work for being intuitive...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  4. I love it, it has movement and spirit, I don't see a hot mess at all! But....I kind of agree about the speed or 'repeat till it works' thing not being intuitive, but it's worked out anyway...and you didn't fling it across the room! I know a snow day isn't great, but I'm glad to see your desk on this day!!

  5. I like your journal page! The pops of yellow really make it! Sometimes I have the same experience, I don't like something, but then it grows on me! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #39

  6. It looks good to me but then I am always making stuff that looks like a mess or that's what I've been told Lol! So do what makes you happy, I do! Happy belated woyww, Angela x19x

  7. I really like the idea of mixing pieces from lots of different backgrounds onto one piece. You certainly have plenty of backgrounds to get you started. Sarah #25


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