Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WOYWW #235

Welcome to WOYWW…the “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”  blog hop created by Julia at the StampingGround,  so hop over there to join the fun.

 Ok, on the “who would have guessed” item; I can finally blog from home, and for some reason keep missing it’s Wednesday!  Guess I need to learn how to schedule now…and clean up the blog…but I digress…

I actually haven’t done any real crafting since 2 weeks before Christmas…or the whole week in between Christmas and New Years that I was on vacation because my room was a bloody mess!  I had a good sit and look around; decided it wasn’t just putting things away; it was no place left to put.  And miracles of miracles…Michael’s had a 50% storage sale.  So it’s a start…and this morning I just had another of the 5 drawer thingies held for me, because there is still a ton of things that don’t have places to go.  And I have 2 online classes starting, 1 of which I can finally do “live”, so I’ll need to be able to get what I need for each class, without spending valuable time searching. 

So here is the desk; with 2 of the new pieces in place. and a pile on the actual desk waiting to go into a drawer….and did you notice the floor? Yup; I can now walk right up to my chair…Miracle!!

And here are the 3 pieces up close and personal; with another letterpress coming.  Of course; now I need to find a place for the 2nd set, as it were…

So there is my desk area for the week.  Now go visit Julia’s and see what the rest of the Desker’s are up to!
Have a great week everyone!

For the not faint of heart…I found a picture from my “before”…Dec. 30th...with the pathway cleared after I had stepped in the small bin that held my Distress stains and almost fell into the desk…don’t call me “grace” LOL!


  1. your room makes me feel very at home, as my floor space is about as limited as your before pic... Helen #1

  2. I have to admit to partaking in that Michael's sale. I combined it with another sale they were having so managed to get some lovely organising pieces for my room including one of the ones seen in your room.

    Have a good week
    Sharon K #50

  3. What a transformation! So, would you like a go at my room now??????? ;)

    #62 today with

  4. Hey Girlie!! Get that room sorted!!
    I thought the second pen storage was for me??? Hurrumpf!!
    Haa Haa!


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