Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WOYWW #279

Wow…it’s another WOYWW…time is flyin’ by!  To see what it’s all about, stop off at Julia’s Stamping Ground,  and then join in the fun.
My desk, sadly, is exactly as it was Saturday night….not good as I have exactly 1 month to get a substantial amount of cards made for a craft fair at my Mother’s Senior Community Center; and since they all buy their cards from the same little store area, they went crazy for original cards last time.  I could be in big trouble! LOL!

So, left to dry, but never got back to, some birthday cards made with Tim Holtz’s Cupcake Framelit set, with Rock Candy stickles drying on the frosting, and my good old PSX Calla Lilly stamp (LOVE those PSX Botanical stamps; so bummed they are out of business-but I’m sitting on a fortune of Botanical stamps!) which I colored with Pearl-ex and a waterbrush.  And as I have company over the weekend, with the 2 boys sleeping in the [Gasp]craft room  (I know!! But it is, errr, was…well…I did promise my husband that when I took over his son’s room it would still be a guest room…and there is still a futon, somewhere, under the dog’s blanket and the Christmas paper packs, and magazines….oh bother!)
Anywho, next week isn’t looking promising either…

So please, go visit Julia, where you can then link to much more promising desks around the world…


  1. I too am sitting on a fortune of PSX stamps. Loved their detail and they stamp perfectly EVERY time even though mine are 20+ years old! (scary that I have been stamping for that long...!) #17

  2. Great cards ! Sure the folks at the sale will love them ! Ali #13

  3. Lovely cards there. They should go like hot cakes hoho! I feel for you, having guests in your room. I have to clear mine when people come, though DH and I usually sleep in there, giving ours up to the guests. Hope next week turns out better than expected. Chris # 23

  4. Kim, you always make me the fact that you are not entirely sure if the futon is in your craft room or not :) Love that Tim Holtz stamp, it has long been on my wish list. Good luck with the fair, that is another thing I miss about being in London, loads of craft fairs, not many or any here in NYC. Cx #65

  5. Oh, we're both confessing about our stash this week! Hope the boys enjoyed their sleep in your craft room....did they make anything? :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  6. err! Where did it go? Just left message and it has gone! Bother!
    What I said was perhaps you should have come home with you and you could have played in my room to build your cards up!

  7. Love your cards, thanks for sharing them with us and happy crafting, Angela x 39

  8. Beautiful cards!
    Yes, my craft room has to double as a guest room too occasionally, but I don't let children sleep there. (too tempting). Hope it all goes well.
    Sorry I'm a day late but I just didn't have time.
    Have a good week!

  9. Hi Kim,

    The cards you've made so far are great (I have the cupcake stamp). I know you are selling them at the Senior Center - but what do you price them at? I will have some of my photography cards and also some handmade cards (big maybe) at the craft fair I do in November.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (66)

  10. It sounds as if youy are very busy at the moment, Kim. I love the cards you've made. Sorry to hear that stamp company has gone out of business if you like the stamps so much - that's a real shame. I hope you have a good fund raising day for the Senior Centre with the cards. They should sell well.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #32


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