Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOYWW #136

Good morning everyone!! I just met a co-worker for a wonderful breakfast...made more so as she had to pay for a bet we made...(on whether another employee would make it through the new year. I won, she was fired in Sept. My husband thought we were mean to make this bet, but you'd have know to the situation...)
So, this week, on my wonderful workdesk, or actually, the workdesk to my right...I sorta made up for my lost resolutions, and spent time in the craftroom, but cleaned/organized! With all the new year sales, I got another cube for the desk...the one with the butterfly over the drawer. It's got two deep cubbies, and a magazine drawer, which also holds 12 x 12 paper packs. Now I just need baskets for all the cubby holes! And I think I have to say enough is enough with those cubes. (though they are amazing!!)..'cause whats sitting on the top of the second level is just to high to get to! (or, maybe get some for the floor under the desk??--ghahh-stop the madness!) The cabinet on the right is supposed to hang on the wall...was a Christmas present last year..but I sorta drove the molly's through the wall, and don't know what to do now. My husband is not a handyman sorta guy, so there it sits! On the right is a stack of scraps. Still wondering where scrap stops and trash begins; but these are bigger pieces, that just need sorting and space, once I trash out the current bin! Oh, and there is my bright orange tape measure; needed that Sunday...amazing how I didn't see it until now!
Now, Julia, our wonderful hostess of the Wednesday Workdesk phenominum has all the details over on The Stamping Ground, which is the portal to visit other crafty spaces around the world. So go see what else is going on... then show your own space...there is nothing to be ashamed about...we've all been there! Have a great week everyone!


  1. Aw! Kim! Have you cleared your desk for me to come and visit? Shall I bring the drill too? I am pretty handy with drills and things and can even boast my own tool kit!!
    If I hang your shelves though you will have to give me your carousel!!
    Mean bet you had on too - naughty girls!

  2. Love the butterfly on the cube, fab, great pile of scraps!happy woyww hugs trace x

  3. Hey! Your desk is looking good. I like your cubes. I could do with some more organization but the reality is I don't have anywhere else to put any bins, shelves, cubes, or totes. Yep, even under my desk is full. I'll bet you still have room down there though!

  4. A paid breakfast and a sorted room - that a great start to 2012! Thanks for the peek in to your crafty space…Sarah at 6

  5. Your space looks so tidy, thanks for a great peek


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