Thursday, January 5, 2012

WOYWW #135

OK, it's Thursday, but this was the soonest I could get on to post..where has this week gone! At this rate, I better start my Holiday shopping, 'cause it seems like Christmas will be here again in no time! So, Julia at The Stamping Ground is the creator of this weekly adventure, so head over there to check it out and start hopping some very creative work spaces.

Mine this week;not so much going on. Finished my Grungy Monday card, and snapped this shot as I was coming up to get it in the mail...if I don't lose my nerve! You can see my previous post to see all about that. A few stamps to start another birthday card; but that one has to stay hidden!

And yes, first week of January, and already a resolution broken: stuff not put away after use! (OK, full disclosure: Not the only one broken: Haven't been on the exercise bike, and the first weekend is gone, and my "room a week to total clean/organized" has been blown to hell. But, "Make time to be crafty" is still going strong; and probably the reason the 2nd and 3rd have failed! Oh, and the new Xbox...ah well...

So, go hop over and see what is else is going on around the world. I'll be doing the same as possible. See you next week.


  1. Bless you I did really (LOL) with your broken resolution's hey-hoo, the most important one is still going strong "right " crafting " enjoy!!, Happy 2012 hugs may x x x x x

  2. D'ya know what - life is too short to hold to resolutions!! I've got a new motto though, Just Do It - seems to be giving me the required kick up the backside!!
    Happy New Year,
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

  3. I went back a post or two to see your card up close and it is wonderful! Don't you dare lose your nerve to send it!
    And as for resolutions, at least your Make Time to be Crafty is still in place! That is the important one!
    Happy 2012!
    xoxo Karen

  4. lol that why i try not to make resolutions bc it tend to conflict with each other alot. lol Have fun creating.

  5. I don't make resolutions. I have intentions. Because if I make resolutions and mess up, I throw in the towel. If I have intentions, I seem to not be so hard on myself. :) (I'm in your neck of the woods -- we live south of Utica.) ~ Laura

  6. Hello I never keep my resolutions - one was not to spend as much time on my laptop looking at other people's fabulous creations and get on with my own. Decided I would visit everyone on this 1st WOYWW of 2012 - think putting off finishing a good tidy up of my space. Enjoyed visiting everyone though. Hope you sent the card. Happy 2012 Anne x

  7. Kim, feel assured, we made and broke the same resolutions,, only I didn't tell anyone so my epic failure doesn't count!!!
    I'm very late visiting, so can only hope that you didn't lose your nerve and the card was looks fab from here!

  8. I say you kept the best resolution...I've started making ones I know I can keep. Like eat more cake, play in my craft room daily, and check out at least one blog a day! feels so good to keep resolutions!


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