Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WOYWW #110

Good morning (for me) WOYWWer's! Well, I have been very busy in my craft room; not stamping so much, which was becoming a problem. But I figured out Muse was cramped. Some of you may remember in Feb. when I took over my stepson's room, and my husband bought me that nice drawing desk for Christmas that fit perfectly into the dormer window spot. Sure, looks nice, but it was a tight little cubby, and I was constantly turning around to get out to get stuff all along the walls. There was just no stacking room! So, to hell with keeping it as a functioning guest room (I am leaving the futon in there though!) I have now taken over the whole back quadrant and closet! And, viola! As soon as I was done-Bam! 3 Birthday cards done!! Its A Miracle! (One you will see better as part of the GM challenge! next posting) Oh, and that cute dormer space: it is now the spot for all my photography and music equipment! The only thing I haven't moved closer is the paper tower, well, because quite frankly, it frightens me. I'll deal with that when it is much cooler and less humid!

So, now jump on over to Julia's Stamping Ground, and visit some truely creative desks. There are good things going on around the world! Have a great crafty week everyone!


  1. Hello Kim!! Guess what? We are next to each other again!!! Nice tidy room you have there! Unlike mine as I had to leave what I was doing to go to bed.
    Not quite such a "pants" day today unless you count my sandwich tasting "odd" so I now have to go out and buy another!!
    Very pretty cards there!

  2. There seems to a few of us on here today sorting & organizing our crafty spaces! You have a nice sized room there to create in! Love the cards you have made especially the Time themed one!

  3. Hi Kim, Great new space you got yourself. I need space to spread too, so I don't know how you did it with that tiny space to work on. The humidity kills me as well, thankfully we don't get too much of it (mostly in December), today it is misty and cold. Quite the opposite of your weather I guess!

  4. Love your new space looks well spread out and plenty of room to play!
    Have fab wednesday and creative week ahead.Hugs judex 11

  5. Congratulations on the more expansive space, and the return of your inspiration! So glad you got the room you need to work and play. Happy WOYWW!

  6. Oooh, I really like the card on the right, the colour, the clock, the quote - just brilliant. A really great combination :) x

  7. Yay, she's taking over the room! Love the colour of the walls, really wish I'd taken the time to decorate my room before moving in, seems so much harder to do now.


  8. Yay! We all eventually took over the whole room. It is just easier that way and you really get the feeling you are accomplishing soemthing when everything is close at hand. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  9. Oh how marvellous that you worked it out and could put it right so easily! The room still looks very tidy and ordered and your mojo is literally playing around in the space - great cards!


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