Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Good morning bloggers!! As I actually had time to craft last night, and won't again until probably Friday, I snapped these shots before I turned out the light, so, barring kitty intervention, this should be what's up there this morning! LOL! Last night was BUSY!! (Love that I brought home chinese take-out; no meals to cook, no kitchen to clean-just feed the man and the animals-then upstairs I went! On the next post you can see what I did for the Grungy Monday Series! But after that bit of inky fun, I continued with my canvas's from last week.

Workdesk #2: I broke out my new melt-pot, poured in the wax pellets, and waited for them to melt! Hmm, took a while, I'll work on the letters. Remember, I have watched that segment of Tim Holtz's DVD a good 10 times now, so I felt prepared to proceed with the petoleum jelly resist; SO WRONG! What a gooey mess I made! but, my fingers are much softer today! Then they have to dry, so back to the melt pot--and even though Tim said the higher the temperature, the longer you ahve to work with the wax, he obviously assumed room temperature was something from an Arizona average; not upstate NY with the winds howling and my house bearly 62 degrees!! That wax practically froze on the canvas!! LOL! And I had wax everywhere (again, not quite a paraffin cuticle treatment, but 2 of my fingers look much better! LOL! But, I still think these came out really well for first time!

Workdesk #1: Back to the letters, the Adirondack Demensional Pearl paint seemed dry, time to rub off the vaseline jelly stuff; and that paint just peeled off!! Is it supposed to do that?? I did use a matt black base; so, I hoped for more paint to stick, but this is what I have left (And anyone trying this; buy stock in Bounty or any other kitchen paper towl company! The dividends will pay for your next hobby fix!LOL!)

So, those are my two busy desks!! Now jump over to Julia's Stamping Ground, and see what everyone else is up to!! Have a very Happy Easter everyone!


  1. These look amazing!!!! I really like the pearl paint...and think it looks pretty good! Have a great week!

  2. Your letters look great and it sounds as though you had a lot of erm... fun!

    TFS x

  3. Love the canvas from last week and the letters are very nice. I have no idea about petroleum jelly resist. I think the more PJ you put down the more paint will not stick. Interesting. May have to watch that again! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28

  4. Love how your canvases are progressing ...and the letters are amazing


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