Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Sample of Cards

Hi Bloggers--Sneaking a few minutes break at work (there are times I think I should take up smoking-just to get the same break times; good thing I'm too stingy to spend money that way! LOL) to post some cards I've made in the last week or so--April is a very busy B-Day month!

This is one for my Mother in Law. I should make this a game: Who can spot the most Tim Holtz Compendium Techniques used??

This is for my Sister in Law...and I have to say; it really grew on me!! You can just make out the multi-medium resist on the background!

This one is for my Brother.. (above). And the Lily is for my Manager. And a couple of Get Wells for work...

And the left...a thank you for my B-day present from my Sister in Law (different one from above). She found this stamp in Florida; the woman designs them all, and of course I wrote the company down, but left it at home! I'll be using it again though, so keep an eye out!

Hmm, seems a messy hodgepodge; I tried to lay them out nice, but blogger has taken over...and my "smoke" break is over, enough fussing around. I hope you enjoyed them! Have a great crafty week everyone!


  1. You have been busy, they are all fabulous cards.

  2. Oh boy! You've been very busy! What a fabulous variety of eyecandy! Love all the different techniques you've used. The one with your new wave stamp looks awesome!! Really, really beautiful cards!! :)

  3. WOWWY! Great creations! My favorites (for now) are the blue butterfly and wave thank you card. But, they're all beautiful, so I could choose another favorite every day. :)

    Between you and me: I've since quit but did smoke for several years. The entire reason I started was because the business where I worked was VERY busy and VERY understaffed. The only people who ever got a break were the people who whined to my boss who was a smoker "I need to smoke." So ... I learned to smoke so I could sit down for 10 minutes.

    Sad, but totally true. :(

  4. oh you sure have been busy hun these are all amazing,great designs,hugs cheryl xxxx


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