Thursday, February 24, 2011


Good morning everyone! I got home early from work yesterday; had to get a filling replaced, and besided the numb feeling I was chewing my cheek, felt pretty good, so put the dogs out and got to work. My goal to get the March B-Day cards started, and do this weeks Compendium Challenge; and thats what's here...I'll be posting that shortly. I do so love alcohol inks! I think I need a few more colors; I love the new brights and pastels. Now, you may notice: I have a little drawer with my foam pads for my distress inks. I just can not figure out how many of you have the actual wooden holders for the pads! I had two, and it was driving me nuts changing the foams around, etc. Plus, the space needed for having mulitples for each color!! So I went with just the foams, and it seems to work just as well even without having a handle. I have another little drawer for my alcohol felts. If I'm using a similar color scheme, I reuse the felts until they're "done"! LOL! They seem to last for quite a while though. And yes, I still use the handle for the alcohol inks: that would be really messy otherwise! LOL! So, go visit the other
Wednesday Workspace wonders over at Stamping Ground!
Oh, last shot: one of my kittys, Ponder, has discovered the yarn basket: he will be banished like the dogs now too! LOL!


  1. Nice bright, cheerful desk Kim. I've only got a couple of the wooden handles too, I've seen some homemade ones that look really good, might ask my hubby to make a few for me! Love the kitty but they do like to get up to mischief don't they??

    Brenda 103

  2. I love your wool-winding assistant, although I presume he works only to his own time schedule and method of winding...

    Bernie x

  3. Very busy desk. I reuse the felts and sponges both. They are too expensive to just throw away. I have seen picks of TH desk with pads on the ink pads. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I am so late getting around but life happens. Vickie #148

  4. I'm the same - a piece of C&D for each colour of inkpad, but not tidied away in a neat draw - just shoved in a pot on the desk! I barely use the liquid inks, so I have one handle and that's plenty!

  5. Ponder looks like my cat that passed in October 2010. His name was Smoat. He is missed dearly every day. We just got a new cat a month ago. SHe is from a shelter, is about 1 3/4 - 2 years old and is black. Her name is Cristabel. :)


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