Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WOYWW #361

Welcome to WOYWW…the “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”  blog hop created by Julia at the StampingGround,  so hop over there to join the fun.

Not much to see here; just finished up making a Mother’s day card for my Mom-in-Law…on the left, all the misc. scrap that has been mostly Color-burst-ized, which I know I’ll never use, but might just have a large enough area for small die cut or punch…ok, even I’m shaking my head…
The little blackglitter clothes pins need to find a place—as do the butterflies before they get ruined.  

Some trim scraps…and  I just had to replace my old Fiskars “Ultimate Craft Trimmer”, as I can no longer find the cutting bar replacements; with a new Fiskars Rotary Craft trimmer; it looked similar, if a bit smoother (rounded corners, etc.) but the swing out bar has the ruler markings as the same color, just can’t read the orange!  And the main platform stops at 3 ¼ inches, then the gap to the bar measurement at 4 ½!  Most of my layers are between 3 ½-4! I’m supposed to guess??? So I’m fairly certain I’m taking it back as it was $30!; so what types of rotary trimmers are you all using?  I don’t feel I get good straight cuts on the guillotine types…And of course the only other brand at Michael’s was theirs…So, Please….any advice or product reviews would be most appreciated!!
Back to the desk, the only other item of interest; the green paper towel…which has been well used while starting my ATC’s, and will end up in my box of used but very colorful paper towels…’cause, again….I just might use them somewhere…

And here is the card I had finished…

Now hop over to Julia’s and portal to some other creative work desks.  Have a great week everyone.


  1. Sounds like you have been having fun, Kim. Love the butterflies. they look great. Sorry you are not satisfied with the paper trimmer - can't help, I'm afraid, as I normally use a scalpel and blade on my cutting mat.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  2. I just bought a new trimmer. Not sure I like it. It's a friskar's and the blades always seem to need replacing and I can't see the numbers where they cut off.

    Lovely card. Love the brown and greeny/blue.

    Sharon K #39

  3. Your ATC and your butterflies are all so wonderful. Sorry, I don't use a rotary cutter, so I'm no help. Happy Wednesday, LisaDV #36

  4. Lovely space and gorgeous art work, love it. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 24

  5. your cards look fab. I have a fiskars trimmer too and my previous one broke (it fell off a table...but the blades were hard to find too) it seems ok though I don't measure much so don't have your issues. hope you find a suitable one. Helen #1

  6. Ooh, I do love the colour of that card, one of my favs! What a shame about the trimmer....I use Fiskars scissors and think they're brilliant (for fabric, couldn't say about paper stuff!)
    Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

  7. Lovely card. I much prefer a rotary cutter - hope you find it to your liking as well. Susanne #29

  8. pretty card. Love those butterflies on your desk.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #30


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