Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Foray into Art Journaling and Mixed Media Techniques

I will admit I am fascinated with art journals; I can lose myself on Pinterest and YouTube on other peoples journals, so last year (or so…maybe 2?) I bought Dyan Reavely’s Dylusion’s Journal…when she only had the large one…I do love the feel of the paper in there!  But it is big…clean…scary…did I say big…

It took a while, but I actually got one page done. Then I was fascinated with her new paints, acquired them, and got a second page done.  But I’m still more than a bit intimidated. So when I heard about the Crafty Online Class with Marjie Kemper, whose work I find fascinating, I had to join in.  So here are a few samples from the first 4 (well 5 actually, but I missed #4 in my downloads, and will go back to that) lessons of Inventive Ink: Colorful Mixed Media Effects.

Marjie uses a lot of the Tim Holtz products, like me, so for a change, I don’t have to buy any supplies! (both good and bad! LOL) And some of the techniques I’ve done before either from his classes, Compendium’s or blog.  But she has tips that helped with the journaling aspect, as well as using multiple stencils on a piece.  Here are a few projects I started on. 

Here is my first Journal Spread…still in progress.  It pretty much combines all of the first 2 lessons (7 chapters total).  The color blending is not nearly as seemless as I’d like, but that is a huge page!!! My arm was getting exhausted!  And I use my blending foams unmounted, which probably doesn’t help. I do love how adding layers of texture over more layers really does create such depth and richness.  Stay tuned as I intend to finish this page up proper; this weekend was just getting the basics under my belt.

Here is a tag I thought overdone, but it is growing on me.  This is from the 3rd lesson, using distress inks for a Wrinkle Free background.  I do think the background stamping should be lighter, but it is rather bold! So doesn't match the saying! LOL!

This technique is also from the 3rd lesson...another work in progress...but I love how the stenciling added some interest to it.  

Thanks for stopping by and witnessing my entry into the art journaling/mixed media front.  It is good to finally start using that big scary book! LOL!


  1. I love your journal page!! I agree it is a BIG journal but it doesn't look as if you were at all intimidated. The tag's gorgeous too.

  2. Kim, these are so beautiful. Off to pin again. Thanks so much for the shout-out and link to the class. Hope you will keep sharing your art ~ I look forward to seeing what else you make!

  3. Love the tag. How did you make it? It is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Brenda! If you look up Tim Holtz's Wrinkle Free background, you'll find the steps; and I used his butterfly stamp & die set...If your talking about the blue one; I'd have to go back to the classes and see!


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