Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WOYWW #249

Happy WOYWW Everyone! That is short for “What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday”, the brilliant blog hop initiated by our lovely hostess, Julia at The Stamping Ground and you can see all the deets there.

So….I think I've mentioned before how each department at work is responsible for one charity event to fund our staff charity…and our Easter Egg Hunt and Jelly bean guess was ninja-ed by the human resources department.. so we, the credit union (can you believe my Halloween Blood-Bank it? was shot down??) decided on a Luck of the Irish 50/50 raffle, and then, not leaving it at that, I decided to sell St. Patrick’s day cards.  I figured 3-5 tops…made 3 samples to show at breakfast, then took orders.  Sold 15!!!!  I had promised them for Monday……oh, and some people wanted alterations….So…a card making frenzy on Sunday, and this is what is left…

My drawer of Celtic mounted stamps-which need to get re-organized in puzzle fashion so that all are nicely distributed and no rubber will be harmed (many of the stamps are now retired, or the company gone, so I’m treating them like treasured antiques!!) Some ink pads that couldn't make it the 3 inches to their nooks (and I complain my husband can’t get dishes the 2 feet from the sink to dishwasher! LOL!)
Some scraps of the gold embossed border, and two cards I deemed unworthy, so will be in the sample book. 
Here is the one I like…

So, there it is…now go stop by Julia’s and hop around the world to other great desks! Happy Crafting everyone.


  1. Thanks for the visit earlier. I printed the Starbucks logo off the net and copied it onto the clock and hand painted it with a tiny brush. Well done on selling so many cards. Now to mass produce them! Love that stamp, I have a mug with this on it which my hubby got for me in Ireland! #34

  2. Boo sucks for them not letting you do the Halloween Blood Bank idea!! I would have! Still, St Patricks is an ok alternative, I guess, lol!
    I love that Irish blessing...there is a lovely sung version of those words put to music composed by John Rutter. I've sung it when I was in the choral society. Really beautiful words put to a gorgeous tune. Google it....
    Hugs, LLJ 41 xx

  3. Well done you with the St Patrick fund raising (I can't help wondering exactly what you intended with the Blood Bank idea....) . My ink pads can't seem to leap the two inches required to get back on the shelf either. I had to smile at the dishwasher ref - my daughter was showing me pics of the kitchen where she hopes to be moving - we have a dishwasher, she cried. I replied unfortunately your father won't be living with you so you are going to have to learn to open the door and put things inside rather than on the work surface above.......... Happy WOYWW, Cindy #58

  4. I Love the Celtic knot border you did on this card and that the whole thing is embossed :) fun peek at your desk this week, tfs! Stacy #94

  5. I have that stamp from years ago, a lovely big and then, very expensive PSX stamps! It's still lovely , and that helps when you're suddenly mass producing! well done, bet the competition is very real.. They only blew off the blood bank idea becuase you would have had an unfair advantage......!

  6. Hi Kim, I decided to have a late week snoop around some WOYWW blogs because I missed heaps this last week and have some time now. Well done with the SPD cards I love the verse and that's a great collect of stamps. Reminds me I have some antiques too and some have seen their last days - cracking up. Cheers RobynO#24


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