Monday, August 27, 2012

CC2C # 19-Irresistable Resisting

Wow, I have really been breaking into the stash lately...maybe this is a sign of breaking the hording cycle, which can only be a freeing, good thing...right?  Anywho, this week over at Linda's Studio L3, our Compendium Vol. 2 Challenge is found on page 41, using Kraft resist.  In addition to the Compendium of Curiosities, Linda provided a video of Tim using some techniques which can be found on his blog. 

This is another one of Tim's techniques, which isn't really a step by step process, as much as a demonstration of a few different ways to use the awesome Kraft Resist.  My example uses 2 of them.  My card isn't finished, as once this part was done, I confess, the bird sorta scared me.  Kinda like an evil avenger...must be my current mental state, or watching the "Green Lantern" two nights now as TNT keeps showing the same movies over and over, and both nights we'd turn on the tv at bedtime to almost the exact same spot. (I'd realy like to see the beginning to put it all together!)  Either way, I'm sure it will eventually turn back into a happy, singing bird, and then I'll finish it up for a proper use. 

So, now that you've seen mine, hop over to Linda's and see some other fine examples of using this awesome paper, then jump on in!  See you next week!


  1. Awww! Kim! How can "Mr Blue Bird" who sits "on your shoulder", be "scary"? He is gorgeous. I am having to sit out of this one as I don't have the resist paper. By the time it arrives it will be too late :-(

  2. Oh wow, I think it's wonderful! I can see why your bird feels a bit intimidating ... I guess I just like aggressive birds? :D

  3. Oh, no, not scary - I think he's just lovely! Gorgeous resist work... And the sentiment goes so beautifully!
    Alison x


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