Thursday, June 30, 2011

WOWW #108

Good Morning Workdesk Warriors!! I have the sun out today...the temp is low 70's, and NO HUMIDITY!!! This is my perfect day, and more like Sept./Oct in upstate NY, not end of June! If only it wasn't spoiled by having to work...I just know I'd have my lilly and butterfly gardens weeded, my wash finished and still have 4 hours to play in the craft room before I make dinner!!'s that type of day! LOL!

So, last night, which was Wed., so it counts, I went up to take the photos for the Grungy Monday challenge at Studio L3 (just a peek on the desk!) need to visit my next post for all those details! And also started getting things back where they belonged so I could actually lay a sheet of paper out flat on my desk when I realized...I just can't work in this space! For those who don't follow me regularly, In February, I took over my Step-son's room, and the new desk my Husband got me for Christmas fit in the dormer window space perfectly! See? But, a stacker. And if I only colored or such, it would be fine...but I need space for inks, stamps, scraps, etc. Sure, I like having the window hold some of my latest tags and such, but..I think I'm just getting too frustrated with how many times I have to get up, get down, get over, get back...So, this weekend I will be moving things around..and will sorta be breaking the promise that it is still a guest room--as I won't just be taking up the back wall now, but the whole back corner and closet. So check back next week to see how I made out! And now visit Julia's Stamping Ground (with guest hostess) to see what everyone else is up too!


  1. Awesome looking desk and I love all the tags. I know what you mean about a day without humidity. It has been over a 100 degrees most days here with 80% humidity. To miserable weather to get much done. Congrats on the new workspace! Vickie #39

  2. Great desk but I'll pop in to see the changes next week. Hope the weather stays perfect so you can get it all complete,
    JoZarty x

  3. Be sure to show us the back wall and corner and closet! I like how you displayed all the tags in the window! Patsy from

  4. What a great work area!! Love the tags, they are just beautiful and such fun to make! Thanks for sharing!

  5. How did I miss you last Wednesday? I did look for you but you were obviously keeping a low profile!! I am so jealous of your little white twirly carousel. How fast do you have to spin it to get everything to fly out I wonder? I have tried all over to get one here!!


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