Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blockheads Contest---and paper addiction

So...I go up to my stamp room to start work on the 2nd week's Compendium Challenge...and I got nuttin'. OK..lets start with cleaning up the work area...lets put away some of this paper...and I notice something..well, I did know I had a paper problem..and I am totally aware I am a horder of all objects..but as much as I like oranges..I really can't recall doing many orange why in the name of Sam Hill do I have over 23 sheets of the different hues of Bazzill oranges?? Not to mention a few of the fourz packs and monopacks??? Really Kim?? Get a grip! And you know I won't use them...'cause you never know if you can get those exact colors is a disease!!

Now, papers organized, back in their proper slots, back to the fragments challenge...hmm hmm, still nothing..put some ink down on an atc...hmm, nice colors..oh, that new stamp from Blockheads...waterstamp it?? Very, here is an ATC that I'll enter into their contest...

As for the fragments...I got a pear...lets see where that takes me..

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  1. hahaha! Kim, you make me laugh! But that's probably because I know exactly where you're coming from. It is a disease, I too suffer from it! And, tho' i have not yet reached your level of hoarding, i am gaining on you. For crying out loud, last week i kept the plastic trays from the frozen stuffed shells i made for dinner and then i pulled a pair of my daughter's jeans out of the trash. Of course, I checked if they had anything on them first! And then the next day, she walked by my craft room and said, "are those the jeans i threw away yesterday?" ...busted! I replied very matter of factly, "yes, I'm sure I can use them for something!" She just rolled her eyes and walked away. I'm sure she's convinced that I'm crazy. (sigh)
    Anyhoo, if you need someone to take any of the orange papers off your hands you know I'd be happy to! I love oranges!!!!!! See there I go again...damn disease! But I'm serious if you don't need the papers...(sigh) ...ok, good luck with the Blockheads contest!! I love the richness of the colors on this one! Very nice!! :) I haven't made anything, and now I'm sick with whatever Cam had last week so i probably won't get anything done in time. ah well, there's always next time.


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