Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WOYWW #195

Good snowy Wednesday to everyone! And that means it’s “What’son Your Workdesk Wednesday”, hosted by Julia at the Stamping Ground. 
And, as promised….Ta Dah!!! I have finally gotten my Christmas Gift (from 3 years ago) Cabinet up on the wall!  Now, you’re right…it really wasn’t that’s just this stupid phobia I have of holes in walls…which is right up there with ripping out pages when doing an altered book…once done, no big deal..but taking that first step… What a doozey! Now I will admit; it was a tad higher than I figured, but it’s nice to have that area to open those drawers! And the Valentine’s Candy heart and CD’s will not be there much longer either.  The only other item of interest, is the tag in the front right corner which I made for the Creative Chemistry Facebook February Challenge…which you can see here.
But now that everything is tidy, and mostly organized, and my muse hates that, I can assure you, the next few weeks will be much more interesting. So, now visit Julia’s place, and hop your way around some really creative desks. Have a good week everyone!

Creative Chemistry FB Feb. Challenge

Not quite last minute, but pretty darn close!  The theme for this month’s Creative Chemistry Facebook Challenge was “Inspiration” , seeing something in your daily life that inspires you to make a crafty item, using any technique that we learned in the Creative Chemistry 101 online class.  And for some reason, I was coming up blank…and staring off into space, and my eye kept creeping back to an item that sits on my desk at work, is usually in my car, and can be seen on my work desk on many WOYWW posts….my Arizona Green Tea bottle.  And let’s face it; I only tried it the very first time because I love the label! (Well, actually the cool green bottle, but these plastic ones are much more affordable by the case).

So, here is my tag, using Marbled stains of Picket Fence, Mown Grass and Evergreen Bough.  The tattered floral die made the flowers, and as I have become obsessed with coffee filter roses, and want to make them, I bought the coffee filters, and used those to cut the flowers.  They were colored with the Picked Raspberry stains, spritzed and flicked a lot to get some variation. Wow those filters really suck up the color!! 

Now lets see if I ever do get around to making those roses….

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Whats on Your Workdesk #194

 Wow…how fast did this week fly by?  It is another Wednesday, which means it’s a What’s on Your Work Desk kinda day, all officiated by the talented Julia at TheStamping Ground.

We, in the US, had a 3 day weekend, and as we were babysitting my step-son’s husky, who is the Aunt to ours, I pretty much decided that with the fur flying, and snowy feet coming in and out, I was going to forgo my weekend housecleaning, and work in the craft room instead.  (And I apologize for the photo…I have no idea why it’s so blurry…I can’t focus with these new (umm progressives—gulp), so that’s what auto focus is for! I’m better off with my poor eyes!
I started with cleaning up the mess I left with last week, then I finished my last birthday card for this week, for my nephew, using my spellbinders Heraldry dies (he’ll be 6), and then went to town with putting things away! All my Christmas embellishments, etc., are now in some of the drawers in the cabinet under the window…which you can’t see here, but is usually visible across the room from my desk. All my misc. unmounteds went in the bin that I had bought and shown last week, all my odds and ends, and half finished cards, samples, playscraps, etc., got put in one place.  I have taken measurements, and that cabinet will be up on the wall before the month is out!! And the stamp tray with my sayings will be up against the wall under it. All my acrylic blocks,  at least that I found (I know I’m missing some…what’s up with that?) are in one place.  And what you see under my heat gun is the stamp set my DH gave me for Valentines!!  It’s the mini holiday blueprint set!  I can’t wait to play with that.  And all that left on that side desk are my holiday card samples that still have to go into my big book of designs…which I promise to do before I pick up another ink pad! 

So, there it is, blurry, but clean and organized, and ready to go!! Now go jump to Julia’s and portal around the world to see other fabulous work desks!  So much fun to peek into others spaces….isn’t it?
Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

WOYWW #193

Yikes! Another Wednesday has flown by. And while I’m posting this on a Thursday, I took the day off and  managed to do some crafting yesterday, and grabbed this shot as I was flying downstairs to start supper. And as I had the day off, why is this in such a state, you ask? You see, the furnace guy was coming in the morning to fix the do-hickey that sounded like a turbo jet taking off everytime the furnace fired up. Yes, morning, like 9:00am, no he showed up at 11:00! At 1:00 I had to leave to take Scratchy, one of the orange kitties, to the vet to get bloodwork to check his thyroid.  At 12:50 it was looking like I’d be taking both Scratchy and Dakota, who wants to eat Scratchy, to the vet, as I can’t leave her with the FG…that would be the car ride to hell…but yeah, as I was getting Scratchy’s crate in the car, the FG said he was all set. Good!  We get to the vet, they had an emergency come in, can I wait?  Umm of course (I  can’t take another day off, I’m here with the cat, and they have seen me a few times when I was the emergency) Not so bad, only 20 minutes.  Scratchy was a good boy, gained 4 oz. and was fairly reasonable with the drawing of blood—ok, homeward bound, I’ll have 2.5 hours to make a Valentine’s Day card for Hubby and 3 Birthday cards for stepson, best friend and grand nephew…before I have to head down to make dinner.

 This shot was at 3 hours, hence the flying, and the mess….There are paper towels used to wipe up and capture spray, a potential background for grand nephew, made by spraying Dylusions Sprays on the mat then brayering them onto the paper, Distress markers (I do hope those caps are on) shrewn about, Distress Stains, Inks, and a pot of Inka Gold (Does that stuff dry up? I haven’t had it that long, but it feels weird). And I know those stamps have not been cleaned….oh bother! And my craft blade is without its cork….and following are the 3 cards I managed to make; still need to come up with one for the grand nephew, who turns 6. 

So, why all this reference to Wednesday, and what you’re seeing? Well, because it’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, hosted by Juliaat the Stamping Ground. So visit her space, then portal around the world to other crafty places!  I won’t be in such a disarray next week, nor ramble nearly as much! Have a great week everyone, and Holiday to those in the US!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday #192

Another Wednesday, February is 1/4th over…Punxsetawney Phil (the groundhog) didn’t see his shadow, "And so ye faithful, there is no shadow to see, an early Spring for you and me," Which means there is only a few weeks left to get my winter cleaning and reorganizing done!  And thanks to all those silly emails of 50%off, I sorta splurged…got some stuff from Joann’s and And I want you all to pay particular attention to the top right corner….see that?  That was purchased only because our own What’s on Your Work desk Wednesday hostess Julia had one…and it intrigued me, and I hate that all my rock candy stickles run out of the stickle part (at least the colored ones have, well, color). So, at half price, I had to get it.  I’m not sure where I’m gonna put it, but, still, very excited!! Thanks Julia! 

In the center is a little tray that will mount on the wall on the side of the big table, once the cool cabinet finally gets up on the wall (from 3 Christmas’ ago now), which will let me easily find my most used sayings stamps (see how nicely they fit).  The sizzix framelets I’ve been looking at for a while, and again, 50% off… aside from the ovals I also got the circles. To the left is a Cropper Hopper unmounted stamp storage file, which I figured would be good for those in use, not so much actual storage, so we’ll see.  Now, does anyone else have this?  It came with a little holder (black and white thing in front) for acrylic mounts that says it’s magnetic…but it’s not.  Am I missing the magnets?  There is also the mini tattered florals dies, and behind the bin, the mini baroque and ornamental dies…yay!! So, I have now delisted all those wonderful stores, because I can’t fall prey to any more sales, as I have a vacation to plan for. 

So that is what my desk was like last night, ergo this morning, and probably until Friday evening, when I get some me time in again (how soon till golf??? They have colored balls, I don’t see why they can’t play in the snow!) So, have a good week everyone.  Now go visit some other creative desks!!